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Hq lock complete door lock options

HQ-LOCK® provides immaculate security locks and security hardware products all over the USA and Canada. We operate from two major cities Maryland and California. HQ-LOCK® is not serving the market since decades but it has made a history better than any ancient company. We believe that a year of best service and expansion is equivalent to decades of professional excellence.

Our Products Range:

HQ-LOCK® has knotted itself with the industry of security products during 2014 and it has conquered many milestones in this short period of time. It’s proficient in manufacturing, marketing and developing security products including

» Commercial and residential door hardware

» Cabinet hardware

» Residential door locks

» Residential door knobs

» Door entry Locksets

» Commercial and residential Multipoint locks

» Electronic security products

You can Learn more about our Security Products and their specifications on the product page.

HQ-LOCK® Got Awarded With UL Certificate:

Quality is our maxim so HQ-LOCK® has become strongly committed to provide best products which lead us to achieve UL certificate so early in our operating history. Achievement of UL Certificate has made HQ-LOCK® as one of the only hand full of companies having it all over the industry. HQ-LOCK® promises to comply with the high quality even at the stake of greater production cost because we have considered sky to be out limit.

HQ-LOCK® Goals 

Our goal is to provide unbreakable security products and to satisfy our customers by:

»  Providing unbeatable quality products to all Door Companies, Glass Companies and Institutional Locksmiths.

»  Designing our products to make them feel secure in their houses and offices.

We mingle the high tech advancements of engineering with psychology of local invaders and burglars to come up with affective security solutions. You can Contact us to help you at HQ-LOCK® whenever you need.

HQ-LOCK® Plans To Grow Further:

Basically we operate in USA and Canada but HQ-LOCK® has tendency to expand in several other countries with in a very short time by maintaining the streaks of success. Company has shown the invincible growth in USA mainly and the customers do not only include household users but several Locksmith technicians, locksmith companies, locksmith stores, contractors and hardware stores also prefer our products all over the United States. Click here to know what our Customers are saying about us?

This is not the end of horizons for HQ-LOCK® and we have plans to target major security products manufacturing market all over the world. We will continue to provide smart and state of art security solutions to new customers while corresponding the market needs in future. Click here to find a local US Lock Dealer of HQ-LOCK®.

Our Commitment Towards Customers And Suppliers:

HQ-LOCK® has extensive array of customers from locksmith companies and locksmith stores demanding industrial, residential and commercial Security locks. We maintain budding relationship with our customers as well as suppliers and market the products profoundly to gain strong relationship with them. To know about Our Support Services and Hours of Operation contact our nearest local dealer.